11 Trivia & Fun Facts About Gambling


Everyone loves trivia!  Over the years the word has come to refer to obscure and arcane bits of dry knowledge as well as nostalgic remembrances of pop culture.  In 1972, the board game known as Trivial Pursuit was released and trivia competitions became the craze in the United States!

Here are a few gambling related facts you might not know!

  1. The original definition of the word “Casino” comes from Italian for a small villa, summerhouse or pavilion built for pleasure, usually on the grounds of a larger Italian villa or palazzo.  In the 19th century,

    the definition of the word “Casino” expanded to include other public buildings where entertainment activities like gambling and sporting events took place as well as officers’ dining rooms.
  2. The lights on the top of a slot machine are called “candles”
  3. The Emerald Island Grille serves over 100 pounds of lobster per month.
  4. Each of the four suits in a modern deck of 52-cards represents a civilization that has been historically and culturally significant. Spades represent the Middle East of Biblical times. Diamonds represent the Roman Empire. Clubs represent Ancient Greece. Hearts represent the Holy Roman Empire.
  5.  It is thought that as the forerunner to Keno became popular in the large cities of Macao, the results of the games were sent to outlying villages via carrier pigeons.
  6. The Emerald Island Casino building once housed a United States Post Office.
  7. The  phrase “jackpot” was originally used in a form of poker, where the pool or pot accumulated until a player could open the bidding with a pair of jacks or better.
  8. The average floor person at the Emerald Island Casino walks 4 to 5 miles a day while at work.
  9. The Emerald Island Rewards Club gives away over 23,000 gifts a year on Thursday Gift Days!
  10. In Australia, slot machines are called “Pokies”
  11. In many European countries, strict dress codes must be observed in order to be granted access into a casino.  Gentlemen are required to wear, at a minimum, slacks, shirt and tie, and a jacket or blazer.  Ladies must be attired in either a dress or dressy pantsuit.

And, of course, everyone knows that at the Emerald Island Casino, the Jewel of Henderson, Every Day is Promotion Day!

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