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A Gift Certificate to the Emerald Island Grille is Always in Good Taste!

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Everyone loves getting and giving gifts. Who doesn’t like “pressies”?

It probably comes as no surprise that the number one requested gift for nine years running is the gift card. It is hard to believe that the little credit card sized, electronic gift card that we know today really hasn’t been around all that long.  The first gift card was introduced by Blockbuster Entertainment in 1995 and was followed shortly thereafter by Neiman Marcus, Mobil Oil and Kmart.

Of course, before generic gift cards and e-gift cards became popular, gift givers had the option of giving the more intimate gift certificate.  A gift certificate was usually a large coupon printed in a bold font on sturdy, elegant card stock with the value hand filled, usually in calligraphy.  Giving a personalized gift certificate, usually to a favorite restaurant, was a great way to say to the recipient “We think you would really enjoy experiencing a great meal.  We love this place and we hope you do too.   Even if we can’t be there with you, please be our guest!”

​At the Emerald Island Casino we are sincerely flattered when our guests ask us if they can buy a gift certificate for their friends or family for the Emerald Island Grille!  We are more than happy to create a personalized gift certificate in the denomination of your choosing and to welcome first-time guests or welcome back familiar friends to the Emerald Island Grille.

A gift certificate for the Emerald Island Grille is always in good taste and the food always tastes great!  You can give the gift of our Friday “Real Meal Deal” (a four course feast including a jumbo shrimp cocktail, choice of a crisp salad or savory clam chowder, tender USDA Choice filet mignon and Maine Lobster and the dessert of the day), spoil someone with a luxurious Sunday brunch (who wouldn’t love a scrumptious crab or filet mignon eggs Benedict?) or even our special Valentine’s Day Dinner! (Tim is working really hard to plan something extra special this year! Watch for the menu coming soon!)

For more information on our gift certificates please see Lisa or Michael or our great staff in the Emerald Island Rewards Center.  We look forward to helping you give the gift of a great time at the Emerald Island Casino – The Jewel of Henderson!

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