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The month of October is perfect for some Wicked fun and we thought a perfect way to celebrate is by being "Wicked" together! Since we are doing the Wicked Whammy Wheel of Cash, we thought it would be cool to incorporate the coming of Wicked the Musical to the Smith Center.  The Grand Prize is 3 drawings for 2 pairs of general admission tickets for Sunday 11/2 at the 2:00 PM show. Limo service will be provided by the Emerald Island Casino to the Smith Center and back after the show.  Then dinner for two after the show at the Emerald Island Grille.

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Nevada is where you can find the city of Las Vegas, which is considered to be Sin City, a city for adults and a city that teenagers and kids supposedly should not be. However, in contrast to what most people think, Nevada is also home to kid-friendly tourist attractions.

Emerald Island Casino in Henderson is Nevada’s only all penny casino. Emerald Island is also the Local’s favorite place to play, eat, drink and make new friends. The smart gamblers take advantage of the casino’s “Ultimate Member Guide”. There are numerous benefits to the guide and here are just a few: 1  Four levels (Jade, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) at the Emerald Rewards Center. 2  Four card keno games with bonus cash. 3  Every day “Real” cash promotions. 4  Spinning streak wheel of cash $3,000 Friday & Saturday nights. 5  Best selection of new penny games. 6  Emerald Island Grill Steak House on Saturdays. 7  Late night specials at the grille from 11 pm to 7am.

May 24th, 2014 For Memorial Day Weekend, we are hosting a book signing & purchase event with two of our friends, SGT. Adam Fenner and Lance Taubold. They are the authors of "On Two Fronts"  There is a synopsis of the book via  It will be held Saturday May 24 from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Cost for a book is $20.  Both authors will be here to promote the book. Emerald Players can use their points to buy the book as well.It is an interesting novel because as you read it, you can scan a QR code on your smart phone (or go to the web site) and watch real videos of what's happening in the book.  Also, they are up for the Independent Book Publisher's Award for best nonfiction novel.  They were chosen out of over like 1500 books and they are in the top 3 for the gold award.  
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