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Co-Owner Time Brooks of the Emerald Island Casino in Downtown Henderson and Steve Overlay, Director of Food and Beverage, for the casino tell us about their big player’s appreciation party. Emerald Island will provide a feast for their loyal customer that include 5 smoked pigs, award championship ribs, plenty of side dishes, desert and coffee with something special in it.

Three of the most renowned and interesting places such as the magnificence of Hoover Dam, the brilliance of the Las Vegas Strip, and the placidness of Lake Mead surround the city of <strong "mso-bidi-font-weight:="" normal"="">Henderson, Nevada. In addition, McCarran International Airport (MIA) and its reliever Henderson Executive Airport are only a few minutes-drive from it. Henderson is recognized as a warm and exciting destination with its opulent resorts, great locations for 

For years patrons of the Emerald Island Casino have been enjoying the unique art work by Edwin Leishman. His artwork covers the exterior of the casino and greats everyone as soon as they enter the parking lot. Gambling, dining, drinking or just hanging out with friends Edwin’s artwork surrounds customers on the inside of the casino too!

Edwin’s art has lifted spirits at Emerald Island Casino and around the Las Vegas Area and now we have the opportunity to help him lift the spirits of people around the country. He has entered his product in Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest. Edwin submitted his video of his product (Wall ahhh Cool Walls) to the contest and has made it past the first stage. Here is the response from Walmart giving Edwin the good news:

You may be curious as to why of all states in the US, Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, became the gambling haven. Here are some quick facts you may want to check out about the history of gambling in Nevada:
    1. Where gambling was done before legalized – Before gambling was ever recognized as legal in Nevada in 1931, the people were already gambling during social functions, and gambling had been predominant already in card rooms and clubs that offer illegal games.
2. What games were played before gambling became legal – Games of chance played during social functions, such as bridge and whist, as well as games dubbed as “nickel-in-the-slot-machines” were the popular games before gambling was made legal.

3422829Locals Enjoy the Luck of the Irish at Emerald Island Casino The Emerald Island Casino in Downtown Henderson, Nevada is a unique place to gamble. The casino is known as Nevada’s only all penny casino and focuses on superior guest service. There is more to Emerald Island Casino than that; much more. On the inside, floor to ceiling and on the outside every wall to the roof is covered with amazing artwork.

4162194On May 18, 2013 the Emerald Island Casino, Nevada’s only all penny casino in Downtown Henderson celebrated their 10 year anniversary. The celebration started at noon and the casino was quickly packed by patrons anticipating a great time. Festivities started with a proclamation and ribbon cutting from the City of Henderson to the Emerald Island Casino read by City Councilwoman, Gerri Schroder. The Henderson Chamber of Commerce attended in force to help celebrate the occasion.

Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, Nevada is well known as the place to eat when Downtown. The Emerald Island Grille has delicious entrées like “Stuffed Clams Casino”, “Grilled Rib Eye Steak and Herb Crusted Jumbo Scallop Combination” and “Pan Seared Breast of Chicken”. Recently, a new addition has been added to the restaurant; a smoker. Steve Overlay,
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