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Stuffed bear
With the holidays upon us the joyous Irish greeting "Nollaig Shona Duit!" (Literally "Happy Christmas!") rings out between friends and family throughout Ireland.  At the Emerald Island Casino we want to be among the first to wish you Nollaig Shona Duit! Christmas in Ireland traditionally begins on December 8th signaling the time to put up decorations and Christmas trees.  We have a bit of a head start. 

Several months ago we showcased several of the Emerald Island Family's fur babies...mostly dogs.  Now it is only fair to give equal time to exotics, scale and skin babies too! Here are just a few of our team members' beloved pets.

(Much cuter when they are all grown-up!) Who are your beloved pets?  We would love to see your pictures or have you post them on our social media sites! Of course, we always love seeing you at the Emerald Island Casino - Nevada's Only All Penny Casino.

When we say "cranberries", what comes to mind?  Beautiful, vibrant red berries which bespeak crisp, fall days in the Northeast?  Cranberry beds flooded with an abundance of water to aide in harvesting? Juicy, moist roasted turkey with a side of yummy cranberry sauce or cranberry relish?  Well, all of those things readily spring to mind, but did you make the Henderson, Nevada connection?

Thanksgiving, it is said, is as American as apple pie.  It is one of our first National holidays having been created after a proclamation by George Washington in 1789.  Thanksgiving is one our favorite holidays here at the Emerald Island Casino.  Together with Christmas and New Year, Thanksgiving forms the wonderful trilogy of "the Holidays".  It is a time to gather together to celebrate our friends and family and to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. ​

Treat Yourself to Scrumptious Eggs Benedict at the Emerald Island Grille!  Now Available Seven Days A Week! When you think Sunday Brunch what comes to mind?  Ok, well, in addition to a spicy Bloody Mary?  How about Eggs Benedict!  You can enjoy both at the Emerald Island Grille! Eggs Benedict is a luxurious breakfast treat that consists of two halves of a lightly toasted English muffin,

With the ready smile and a cutting wit, Doug is a familiar face at the Emerald Island Casino.  Doug is celebrating his 10th year with us!  He describes his role as a do "whatever is needed team member". What most people don't know is that Doug is a talented artist who both paints and sculpts.

Doug was born in New York City and raised in Miami, Florida. He proudly served his country in the United States Air Force and enjoyed postings in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Along with the cooler temperatures and falling leaves comes one of autumn's favorite flavors...Pumpkin! The warm golden orange color evokes autumnal treats... hot apple cider, caramel apples and all things pumpkin spice!!!!

pumpkin is basically a squash.  The most common type is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange coloration. Inside their thick skin is a slimy stew of seeds and pulp. Pumpkins are native to North America and were originally grown for food.  Traditionally pumpkins were baked, mashed or stewed in savory dishes or in pumpkin pies.

We all know the story about the little know, the one in which one little piggy ate roast beef, and one went “wee-wee-wee” all the way home. In that story one little piggy went to Market.  In the Emerald Island Casino version, five whole suckling pigs went to Market Street!  That’s right!   It's almost time for the Emerald Island Casino's fabulous Pig Out Party!
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