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Best Brunch

If you are looking for the Best Brunch in Henderson, look no further than the Emerald Island Grille!  Voted Best Henderson Restaurant in the Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas, the Emerald Island Grille is located inside the Emerald Island Casino which was also voted Best Henderson Casino in the RJ polling!

Now when you think of the best Local’s Casino – think of the Best Brunch as well!  Did you know that BRUNCH is a portmanteau?  Ok, that one had us scratching our heads too! A portmanteau is a word blending the sounds and combining the meaning of two other words like “MOTOR” and “HOTEL” = MOTEL and “BREAKFAST’ and “LUNCH” = BRUNCH.

Brunch is usually eaten during the late morning to early afternoon, generally served from 10am up to 2pm, and regularly has some form of alcoholic drink (usually champagne and orange juice or a cocktail such as a Bloody Mary) This may be why one of the first descriptions of brunch was described in the 1896 supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, as a Sunday meal for “Saturday-night carousers”.   Brunch originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in the United States in the 1930s.

Brunch is often prepared by most restaurant for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Easter Sunday.  At the Emerald Island Grille, Every Sunday is a Brunch Sunday!  In fact, our Brunch menu is available every Sunday and most of our specialty brunch items are available as specials every day!

2 eggs with spinach hash browns and a watermelon on a plateThe Emerald Island Grille makes the great Brunch entrée Eggs Benedict to order and to perfection.  Two plump poached eggs are nestled atop a split English muffin and covered with smooth and creamy Hollandaise sauce. The slightly smoky of taste of Canadian bacon brings the perfect touch of salty and savory to the finish off this classic brunch item.  Did you know the Emerald Grills also does Filet Mignon Benedict?  In this luxurious version of the dish, tender filet medallions are substituted for the Canadian bacon and the Béarnaise sauce is kicked up a notch with just the right amount of pungent tarragon.  For an exceptional treat, watch our special menus for Crab Cake Benedict.  Tender crispy crab cakes become the star protein with a remoulade sauce.

For a lighter brunch option that is still toothsome and crave worthy, the Grille makes two standout egg dishes: Eggs Sardou and Eggs Blackstone.  Eggs Sardou starts with a nest of creamed spinach topped with artichoke bottoms.  Delicate poached eggs are nestled in the artichoke and topped with hollandaise. The creaminess of the creamed spinach plays beautifully with the slightly salty taste of the artichoke bottoms.  Eggs Blackstone takes a departure from the richness associated with eggs benedict.  Eggs Blackstone is a great diet conscious choice as its base starts with thick slices of fresh, meaty beefsteak tomatoes.  Topped with poached eggs and a bit Hollandaise sauce , you get all of the creaminess without all of the calories!

Of course, the Emerald Island Grills also serves crisp, warm Waffles with your choice of toppings, Corned Beef Hash, and Fresh House Made French Toast as well as an extensive menu of traditional breakfast fare.

If you happen to be in the mood for a full out breakfast feast for Brunch, we have that too!  Try our aptly names Breakfast Feast!  The Feast is served with 3 eggs cooked to your choosing, bacon, sausage and a ham steak, our crispy, golden hash browns or home fries, your choice of French Toast or pancakes and a biscuit and gravy!

Of course, Brunch goes best with a spicy Bloody Mary, Mimosa or a great adult beverage of your choice should you be so inclined!

After Brunch have fun and play the best selection of the newest and hottest slots in Nevada’s Only All Penny Casino – the Emerald Island Casino – The Jewel of Henderson!  Hope to see you soon for Brunch and we would be honored if you would kindly vote for Emerald Island Casino Best Brunch and Best Local’s Casino in the 2018 Best of Las Vegas!

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  1. Jonathan Cummings

    The food is magnificent but that’s not all. The people that work there are amazing, they are very nice , courteous, fast and always anser any question ,, i love eating here every chance I get.

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