May 24th, 2014 For Memorial Day Weekend, we are hosting a book signing & purchase event with two of our friends, SGT. Adam Fenner and Lance Taubold. They are the authors of "On Two Fronts"  There is a synopsis of the book via  It will be held Saturday May 24 from 6 pm to 9 pm.  Cost for a book is $20.  Both authors will be here to promote the book. Emerald Players can use their points to buy the book as well.It is an interesting novel because as you read it, you can scan a QR code on your smart phone (or go to the web site) and watch real videos of what's happening in the book.  Also, they are up for the Independent Book Publisher's Award for best nonfiction novel.  They were chosen out of over like 1500 books and they are in the top 3 for the gold award.  

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Nobody can deny the fact how women love emeralds so much. Its beauty and its rareness are the few reasons why this gemstone becomes loved by many people. But not all are aware on what is this gemstone and on how useful it is to mankind. This article will help you in having the awareness on what is emerald and on what its beneficial worth is.

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What does the name mean? The word leprechaun is of Irish origin. It generally means “small body,” pertaining to its size as depicted in stories. The word is also roughly given the meaning “half brogue” due to its portrayal as the works on a single shoe.What are Leprechauns? Leprechauns are mythical characters mostly seen in stories particularly in Irish mythology and folklore. 

img Guests of Emerald Island Casino enjoy the latest all penny slot machines in the casino, enjoy great meals at the grille and meet new people at the bar. When not at the casino they can enjoy outdoor activities at Lake Las Vegas just minutes away. Located in Henderson, Nevada, Lake Las Vegas (sometimes called Lake Las Vegas Resort), is a 320 acre artificial lake and the surrounding 3,592 acre master-planned community.

The City of Henderson, Nevada is lucky to have Emerald Island as the as it only All Penny Casino and it is lucky to have a sweet place like Ethel M Chocolates. There is more to Ethel M than just chocolates. Located at the Cactus Garden Drive in Henderson, Nevada, The Ethel M Chocolate Factory has been in the industry for 30 years now and still continues to be one of the world’s most trusted brands. Aside from the main factory in Henderson,

Emerald Island Casino recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. In that 10 years the casino has become a part of the history of Downtown Henderson, Nevada. The beginning history of Henderson started with the war effort of World War II and the Basic Magnesium, Inc. Magnesium, symbol Mg with the atomic number 12, is classified under the alkaline earth metals. It plays an important part for animal and plant life here on earth.