Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

While other casinos celebrate Irish culture and heritage only one day a year, here at the Emerald Island Casino we extend warm Irish hospitality all ...
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Emerald Island Casino Wishes You A Happy Bissextile Year! Say What!?!

Ok, well, how about Happy Intercalary Year?  No?  Well, then, Happy Leap Year!!! As strange as the words “Bissextile” and “Intercalary” may sound, there is ...
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Make Tax Day Better with Us

Even though it is only mid-February, tax time is fast approaching!  Tax Day 2016 is Monday, April 18th. Let Emerald Island Casino help you ease the stress! ...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day with Us

Valentines Day is a celebration of love, admiration and friendship. It’s when people give cards, flowers or presents to their loved one. Let’s be honest, ...
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3 Most Electrifying Penny Slot Machines

Did you know that Emerald Island Casino has over 400 latest poker, keno and video slots available? Yes, that’s right. We are the true penny ...
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How Modern Slot Machines Evolved

Over a decade ago, when a fun loving man invented a mechanical card game, no one could have possibly guessed that the game would be ...
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