The dog days of Summer


There are over 400 different recognized breeds of dogs worldwide and almost every year the AKC recognizes new dog breeds and enters them into their ...
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Pancakes with watermelon and coffee

Best Brunch

If you are looking for the Best Brunch in Henderson, look no further than the Emerald Island Grille!  Voted Best Henderson Restaurant in the Review ...
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Catch a LYFT to the Emerald Island Casino!

Just a very few years ago if you were looking for a ride your options were pretty limited – call a friend or call a ...
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Five Fun Facts About Henderson, Nevada

1. One of the safest cities in the US Henderson was ranked twice as one of the top ten “Safest Cities in the United States” ...
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Should the United States Get Rid of the Penny?!

We love the penny here at the Emerald Island Casino. After all we are Nevada’s Only All Penny Casino! But you already knew that. What you might ...
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We Treat Our Video Poker Players Royally at the Emerald Island Casino!

It is thought that playing cards were first invented in Imperial China. Evidence of card games has been discovered which dates back to as early as ...
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