Tim Brooks speaking at podiumTim Brooks is the Chairman of the Board at the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and a Henderson IMPAC participant. Here he is speaking at the last State of the Chamber.
​​The Emerald Island Casino holds three values very dear - Superior Customer Service, Flawless Execution and Giving Back to the Community Through Community Service. If you have spent any time at the Emerald Island Casino, in the historic Water Street district of Downtown Henderson, you have experienced our superior customer service.  Our friendly staff goes above and beyond to make guests feel like family. In return, our Emerald Island Family of guests has made the Emerald Island Casino the Locals' #1 Favorite Since 2003.

Thank you Emerald Island Casino! (Bridget S., Girl Scout Troop 80)
Everyone has a special place in their heart for Girl Scout Cookies. Not only because they’re spectacularly delicious, but also because purchasing Girl Scout Cookies powers the Girl Scout Cookie Program and helps girls fulfill their dreams, gain great experience, and help to improve their communities. Girl Scout Cookies not only help Girl Scouts earn money for fun, educational activities and community projects, but also help to introduce them to entrepreneurial skills. This year marks the 100 Year Anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie program. In 1917, Girl Scouts in Muskogee, Michigan decided to sell cookies baked in their kitchens to help raise funds for their projects.It wasn't until the late 1930s that commercial bakeries started baking cookies for the program. The Cookie Program has certainly grown since that humble beginning.

Everyone knows and loves the great Eggs Benedict at the Emerald Island Grille. Now there is a fabulous new egg dish on the menu that we hope is destine to become a guest favorite.  Tim and the Emerald Island Grille team have hit a home run with introduction of Eggs Sardou!!! Eggs Sardou is a Creole dish originating in Louisiana. Made with poached eggs, artichoke hearts, creamed spinach and Hollandaise sauce, Eggs Sardou is a "must try".  

(Fun fact: "Cat" in the Irish Language is "Cat", but is pronounced more like “kaht.”) The Emerald Island Casino is unique in so many ways... our commitment to outstanding customer service, our Grille which still strives to provide a traditional family run style and comfortable feel to our guests, our status as Nevada's Only All Penny Casino and our charming,

Valentine's Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a wonderful time to show the people who matter the most to you how much you care about them. Whether you want to express that love with flowers, a gift of sweets or a night out with a romantic dinner, we've got you covered at the Emerald Island Casino! Our exclusive vendor partners offer great options for gifts and treats. A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and a box of sweets is a charming gift for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Our vendor partner at Springtime Floral offers lovely fresh flowers, live planets and gifts perfect for Valentine’s or just because!

Everyone loves getting and giving gifts. Who doesn't like "pressies"? ​ It probably comes as no surprise that the number one requested gift for nine years running is the gift card. It is hard to believe that the little credit card sized, electronic gift card that we know today really hasn't been around all that long.  The first gift card was introduced by Blockbuster Entertainment in 1995 and was followed shortly thereafter by Neiman Marcus, Mobil Oil and Kmart. ​

The NFL play-offs are here and the Super Bowl is just around the corner! Many guests and staff at the Emerald Island Casino are big fans and everyone has their favorite teams and things they love about the season:  watching the games with friends, sports wagering and great football food!  We've got all three covered at the Emerald Island Casino.

The Emerald gemstone is one of the most beautiful and precious in all of the world. The deep, rich green of an Emerald is as iconic as the familiar jewel shape called an "Emerald Cut".  When one thinks of the color Emerald it brings to mind a verdant, lush field or a dark green swell on a stormy sea.
Have you ever wondered why an Emerald is, well, Emerald colored?
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