Change Your Casino Experience with William Hill Sports Book

1447436742 1Ever since it was founded in 1934, William Hill has been revolutionizing the sports booking industry. In 2012, the British bookmaker entered the United States market and was licensed in the great state of Nevada. As one of the leading betting and gaming businesses, more and more people have access to betting on their favorite sporting events.

Now located at the Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, Nevada, the William Hill sports book will change your entire casino experience. With the ability to access information on virtually every current sporting event,

you would be able to bet with an elevated level of confidence and knowledge on the game. Continue reading here for more information on the

William Hill sports book and how it can affect your casino-going adventures

What is a William Hill Sports Book?

William Hill is a one of the world’s largest betting and gaming companies, which is now available across 100 locations in Nevada.

In this space, you have the opportunity to bet on a variety of sporting events. Even if you miss the start of the game, you can still grab a seat and consider your in-play wagering options, while enjoying a drink and the game with your buddies.
How Do I Play?
There are several different types of sports wagers in which you can participate in your hopes to go home with a big win. For instance, a straight bet can be placed on a game or event that is determined by the money line in the sports book.

A parlay can link two or more of these types of wagers, in order to double your wins, if you were to win both bets. Depending on your sport of choice, you can choose to bet on any game that is currently happening, as is outlined by the sports book.
How Does This Affect Casino-Goers?
No matter where you are in the state of Nevada, the William Hill sports book is valid. This way, when you attend a casino in the state, such as the Emerald Island Casino, you can make wagers and bets based off of the information from the William Hill sports book. And with the 100 locations throughout the state, you can do all of your betting in-house.With an integrated mobile application, betting has never been easier. You will have the entire sports book at your fingertips, so that you can make the wagers with confidence. The app works anywhere in the state, but why not do so from your favorite casino? With comfortable seats, large-screen televisions, great food, drinks and company, your casino experience just got a whole lot better.If you are looking for a place to bet on your favorite sporting events, games or teams, stop by the Emerald Island Casino today! William Hill just announced that their 20/20 College Bowl Contest will be coming back for a fourth straight season with a $30,000 winner-takes-all guarantee and a $100,000 perfect score bonus! Picks can be made at the Sports Book starting from Thursday, December 10 to Tuesday, December 29, 2015. William Hill Sports Book is the place to watch and wager on all 41 College Bowl games!

​For more information on our new William Hill sports book options, please visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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