Congress Joe Heck Tours Emerald Island Casino

On April 1, 2015 3rd District Congressman Joe Heck spent the day talking and listening to various business on Water Street in Downtown Henderson, Nevada. One of his destinations was Emerald Island Casino. On his visit, Co-Owner and General Manager Tim Brooks gave the Congressman a tour of the Casino
restaurant expansion, new kitchen and the rest of the

Emerald Island facility.

As part of the tour, Director of Food and Beverage Steve Overlay showed off the restaurant’s famous smoker to Congressman Heck. The Congressman was lucky enough to enjoy some of Steve’s finest right on the spot.

After the tour the Congressman met with 15 of the employees to answer questions on health care, veterans issues, visa applications and more. We would like to thank Congressman Joe Heck for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit Water Street, Emerald Island Casino and especially for listening to the questions from our employees.

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