eggs benedict orig

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eggs benedict orig

Everyone knows and loves the great Eggs Benedict at the Emerald Island Grille. Now there is a fabulous new egg dish on the menu that we hope is destine to become a guest favorite.  Tim and the Emerald Island Grille team have hit a home run with introduction of Eggs Sardou!!!

Eggs Sardou is a Creole dish originating in Louisiana. Made with poached eggs, artichoke hearts, creamed spinach and Hollandaise sauce, Eggs Sardou is a “must try”.  

The restaurant Antone’s of New Orleans is credited with creating Eggs Sardou. The dish is named after Victorian Sardou, a famous French playwright of the 19th century, who was a guest of the restaurant in New Orleans when the dish was invented.

To make Eggs Sardou fresh, leafy spinach is creamed with a delicate béchamel sauce seasoned with a drop or two of Tabasco sauce. Tender, meaty artichoke bottoms are warmed in the oven.  The Eggs Sardou are assembled by placing the artichoke bottoms on top of a bed of perfectly prepared creamed spinach. Poached eggs are nestled into the artichoke bottoms and then covered in a velvety smooth Hollandaise sauce.

Eggs Sardou, because they require special preparation, have long been reserved for special occasion dining and holiday brunches.  At the Emerald Island Grille we are pleased to be able to offer this luxurious dish for breakfast or brunch seven days a week!  We really hope you enjoy Eggs Sardou and that it becomes one of your many favorite dishes at the Emerald Island Casino where you can get great breakfasts every day and Where Every Day is Promotion Day!!!

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