Experience More Than gaming at emerald Island casino


Casino gaming is at its finest in Nevada’s Emerald Island Casino. Located in the Downtown Henderson area, the Emerald Island Casino is proud of being the only all penny casino in the region. Locals have clearly shown their support by making it their number one choice, and their loyalty and patronage have never wavered ever since.

The casino was first founded in May 2003, and has always been the top preference for casino gaming and local entertainment. The Emerald Island Casino is proud in saying that they provide the latest and the best games way before other casinos grab a hold of them.

Exciting Games and Rewards

Penny slots are a big thing in Emerald Island Casino. It’s all fun and excitement; there’s no system that predicts your chances of winning, and all slots are entirely random. Everybody has an equal chance of taking home the jackpot, and you can enjoy playing the preferred penny slots.

Casino gaming can also bring a lot of rewards. These rewards include meals, merchandise, additional slot plays, and exclusive invitational game and slot tournaments, among others. As long as how you know how to play the games, you’ll do just fine. If you know how to play without losing high amounts of money, then it’s even better.

Exceptional Customer Service

Aside from their excellence in gaming technologies, they also excel in providing great customer service. They want to make sure the guests’ needs are met, and are treated like family. For them, providing superior guest services and making new friends are their top priorities. They go the extra mile by going above and beyond their usual duties just to ensure the satisfaction of the guests.

Indeed, being greeted by a wonderful smile and a pleasant hello shall make a guest feel right at home.

How else are their services personalized?

Most of the guests, especially those who keep coming back every time are known by their name and game preference. It’s similar to knowing them personally. For example, if person A goes inside the casino, the staff would immediately know that his name is Jerry, and which penny slot he prefers. If someone walks around holding either a paper bill or a ticket, ask them if change is needed. Guests are known by the food that they like to eat and drink, as well as the promotions that they get interested in.

All Guests Welcome 

Basically, every casino offers the same products and facilities to guests. The way you treat them can make the difference. And in this case, that made them number one.

If you live in the Downtown Henderson area, feel free to visit the Emerald Island Casino. It’s one place where you can enjoy good food, great selection of games, and excellent service.

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