Five Things You Did Not Know About Penny Slot Machines


When I hear the term “penny slot machines” I still have a vision of actual copper pennies going in a slot machine one at a time and winners seeing hundreds of copper pennies clanking into their hoppers! Well, we all know that this is not how today’s new games work!

The following are five things perhaps you did not know about penny slot machines.

1.    Name a product you can buy with a single penny. Go ahead, I will wait!…… Society is used to large numbers up to the trillions. Just a few years ago most people did not know what came after a billion. Slot makers are completely tuning this around and are realizing how valuable penny slot machines really are. Penny slots are the latest trend on the casino floors and are increasing in popularity. This is an area in the gaming industry that is on the cutting edge and has the latest trends in the slot machine world.

2.    Make your way to the penny slots and get ready for a pleasant surprise. First of all leave your “Abe Lincolns” at home. The new slots are multi-line machines that accept numerous coins per line. The number of coins that can be played on each line has been increased and works well with the coinless machines, bill acceptors and cashless payoffs (ticket payoffs). New games take so many coins per spin the minimum denomination went from nickels to pennies so more people can afford to play the new innovative games.

3.    Be watchful! The old maximum three coin dollar spin is now exceeded by the new maximum penny slot spin. Some machines have a maximum 1,600 coin spin for a value of $16.00. This is rare, but many machines have 20 lines taking up to 50 coins per line for a $10.00 spin.

4.    When you think slot machines maybe you dream about MegaBucks. The thought of winning tens of millions of dollars with one spin is intoxicating. Do people who choose to play the penny slot machines take themselves out of the running to win Megabucks? The answer is absolutely not! International Gaming Technology (IGT) has introduced a penny version of the famous Megabucks. Next time the jackpot gets over $20,000,000 everybody has the same chance to achieve their dream of winning the big one.

5.    Penny slot machines are just plain fun and exciting. New and innovative machines are showing up on the casino floor on a constant basis. China Dream, Alchemist Gardens, Dragon, Wonder 4, Cheers, Plinco, Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller, Erupting Wild and Thunderhorn are to name just a few of the exciting new games. Watching three mechanical wheels spin may have been fun for your parents, but today’s digital penny slot machines offer wins in dozens of different ways bringing excitement to every spin.

Now you have learned five new things about penny slot machines, but where is the best place to play these exciting new games? The answer is simple; Emerald Island Casino in Downtown Henderson, Nevada. Emerald Island Casino is Nevada’s ONLY all-penny slot casino and has all the latest slot machines the gaming industry has to offer. Make the trip, meet some new friends, sit down at one of the new machines and experience the excitement of today’s penny slot machines.

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