How Many Emeralds Can You Spot on the Exterior of the Emerald Island Casino?

The Emerald gemstone is one of the most beautiful and precious in all of the world. The deep, rich green of an Emerald is as iconic as the familiar jewel shape called an “Emerald Cut”.  When one thinks of the color Emerald it brings to mind a verdant, lush field or a dark green swell on a stormy sea.
Have you ever wondered why an Emerald is, well, Emerald colored?

The Emerald is a variety of the chemical compound  mineral beryl  and is colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.
The Emerald is regarded as the traditional birthstone for May as well as the traditional gemstone for the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini, and, sometimes, Cancer.Of course, to the Emerald Island Casino, the Emerald is a cherished part of our namesake! The Emerald Island is the poetic name for Ireland due to its beautiful green countryside.  The phrase’s first known use in print was by William Drennan in his poem “When Erin First Rose”.Although the poem refers to the bitter conflict between Ireland and Britain, it captures the romantic patriotism of Drennan – a poet, a physician and a political radical who was born in Belfast in 1754.
The first stanza paints a picture of his beloved Ireland,

“When Erin first rose from the dark swelling flood God bless’d the green island and saw it was good;
The em’rald of Europe, it sparkled and shone,
In the ring of the world the most precious stone.”

Of course, at the Emerald Island Casino we pride ourself in welcoming our guests with warm Irish hospitality, great food and your favorite penny slot machines, video poker and Keno games!

How many “Emeralds” can you spot outside of the Emerald Island Casino?  (They have to be permanent – not paper signs, etc.)  (Words, shapes and depictions of Emeralds all count!).

No prizes…just bragging rights!  Count ’em all and then come on in and have some fun with us at the Emerald Island Casino –  The Jewel of Henderson!

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