Introducing the Smoked Short Rib & Bleu Cheese Chopped Steak at the Emerald Island Grille

Emerald Island Casino- Smoked Short rib

​At the Emerald Island Casino we know that the next best thing to hitting a big jackpot on your favorite penny slot machine is having a great meal at the Emerald Island Grille!  We are proud to bring you all of the newest penny slot machines on the floor and the freshest and most exciting menu items in the Grille.Recently, Tim introduced the French Roll Burger.

This great burger has a hand formed patty of ground chuck perfectly seasoned and smash-grilled on the flattop to give it that savory, grilled crust and to seal in all of the flavorful juices.  The generous ratio of meat to bun is complimented by cool, crisp iceberg lettuce.   This burger is a great example of how simple food lovingly prepared is just about the best food there is!

​As good as the French Roll Burger is, we have a truly unique chopped steak meal coming soon to the Emerald Island Grille that is just every bit as awesome.

The Smoked Short Rib & Bleu Cheese Chopped Steak is a generous 12oz. ground chuck and smoked short rib chopped steak  topped with bleu cheese and caramelized red onion for a distinctive slow smoked flavor.  Served with your choice of side and soup or salad.

The meat comes from the Double R Ranch which is a family owned ranch in the Pacific Northwest named after their founder,  Robert Rebholtz, Sr.

The Double R beef is a premium brand of grain-fed beef.  The Double R Ranch is located on 70,000 acres of range in the Okanagan region of Washington State. The mild climate, and open space allows for access to a diverse range of sustainable feed ingredients, including wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, and hay.

The blend of chuck steak and smoked short rib creates a juicy, tender meat that has a bold smokey flavor without unnecessary added artificial flavors and preservatives. The Smoked Short Rib & Bleu Cheese Chopped Steak is bound to become an Emerald Island Casino favorite!!!

So come on in to the Emerald Island Casino – the Jewel of Henderson – for your favorite slots, a delicious meal and Welcome to a Great Time!!!

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