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It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Ireland and at The Emerald Island Casino

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With the holidays upon us the joyous Irish greeting “Nollaig Shona Duit!” (Literally “Happy Christmas!”) rings out between friends and family throughout Ireland.  At the Emerald Island Casino we want to be among the first to wish you Nollaig Shona Duit!  Christmas in Ireland traditionally begins on December 8th signaling the time to put up decorations and Christmas trees. Irish Christmas traditions are similar to those in most Western countries with a few unique exceptions. ​

Christmas Ornament- Emerald Island Casino

The British English expression “Happy Christmas” is more common in Ireland than its American English phrase of “Merry Christmas”.
Santa Claus’ name in Ireland is Daidi na Nollag or Daddy of Christmas.  In Irish English he is “Santy” or Santa.  He brings presents to the children which are traditionally opened on Christmas morning. Santa also gets a unique treat in Ireland.  Instead of the American cookies and milk, it is traditional to leave a mince pie and a bottle of Guinness for Santa along with a carrot for Rudolf!
Families place a lighted candle in the window of their homes on Christmas Eve to welcome Mary and Joseph.Christmas celebrations in Ireland end on January 6th on Little Christmas (also known as Epiphany in various parts of the world), when people take down their Christmas trees and decorations.Here at the Emerald Island Casino we are only just beginning to get into the spirit!  Our festive Christmas tree is decorated with many Irish themed ornaments.    ​

Christmas Ornament - Emerald Island Casino

Santa’s Elves have spread Christmas magic to the Emerald Island Casino Grille as well!

The Emerald Island Casino has all kinds of special events coming in December including our Holiday Cash promotion, The 12 Days of Christmas, Holiday Whammy Wheel of Cash, an amazing Christmas feast and an abundance of holiday cheer!
We look forward to celebrating the joy and wonder the holidays with you at the Emerald Island Casino – the Locals’ (and Santy’s) Favorite Since 2003!

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