Lighten Up at the Emerald Island Grille!


Whether you want to look even better in that new bathing suit or just want to eat a little healthier, the Emerald Island Grille has great options to help you eat lighter this summer.  With the oppressive summer heat upon us, cravings for a huge plate of our savory pot roast and creamy mashed potatoes covered in rich gravy sometimes give way to yearnings for a crisp, cold salad or a platter of sweet and juicy, fresh summer fruit. 

But did you know that there are lots of options to eat even better available at the Emerald Island Grille?  All it takes is a little creativity, and, in some instances, a slight substitution charge!

Outside the sun is like an oven, inside the Emerald Island Grille it is cool and refreshing and so are our great summer lunch and dinner specials!  Our wildly popular fresh summer fruit platter really hits the spot with mounds of fresh seasonal fruit.  We hand cut the fruit on-site and serve it ice cold for only $6.99!

We also have two new salads that just can’t be beat and you can get either for the low price of $7.99! From the sea, we offer a fresh crab stuffed avocado salad.  Blue crab and Alaskan King crab are blended together with our special house seasonings and mayonnaise and are heaped high two avocado halves and served beside fresh lettuce, tomato wedge and a hardboiled egg garnish.  From the chicken coup and the lush cantaloupe fields comes our second great summer salad…our chicken salad in a half of a sweet golden cantaloupe. As the name would suggest, this great salad has a mound of perfectly seasoned chicken salad piled high in a half of a cantaloupe.

As good as our crispy hash browns or country potatoes are with our build your own omelets or breakfast meats and eggs cooked your way, it’s nice to know you can chose some lighter options as well! Feel free to ask your friendly waitperson to substitute cottage cheese, fresh fruit or even tomato slices next time. And, of course, we are always happy to lighten up your omelet and prepare it with egg whites upon request.

If you come out to the Emerald Island Grille for dinner there are several easy ways to shave some calories.  Most of our fish and chicken dishes can be served grilled rather than fried.  The crispy chicken strips in the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap sandwich can be easily replaced by grilled chicken strips.

Don’t want high carb potatoes, rice or pasta with your entree? Eating a little lighter is as easy as asking the kitchen for extra vegetables or having the entree served on a bed of fresh spinach!  Another easy hack is using our zesty salsa as a salad dressing, especially on our insanely large taco salad!

We know you love the great food and generous portions in the Emerald Island Grille but we are happy to help you eat better and save a few calories.  Heck, if you save a few calories…you might even have room for one of our delicious desserts!

Think different, think better and eat better too at the Emerald Island Casino, the Jewel of Henderson!

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