Locals Enjoy the luck of the Irish

3422829Locals Enjoy the Luck of the Irish at Emerald Island Casino

The Emerald Island Casino in Downtown Henderson, Nevada is a unique place to gamble.
The casino is known as Nevada’s only all penny casino and focuses on superior guest service. There is more to Emerald Island Casino than that; much more. On the inside, floor to ceiling and on the outside every wall to the roof is covered with amazing artwork.

Owner Tim Brooks’ mother is 100 percent Irish and is the inspiration for the
seventeenth century Irish village landscapes and faux stonework. The artwork is
by Edwin Leishman of MP Art Inc. of Las Vegas who specializes in theming, murals and fax finishes. The story behind how Mr. Leishman started the artwork is as amazing as the artwork itself and is best told in the words of Tim Brooks

“A gentleman named Edwin Leishman walked in one night when we were busy remodeling the casino, getting it ready to open. We didn’t have anything on the walls—we really didn’t know any better—and he said, “I’m a mural artist.” So we hired him, and we left one night at midnight and came back at 8 in the morning and he had a whole wall done, and it looked beautiful.

I hadn’t seen his work. I just took his word. In this business, you’re fed so much information—everything’s data, data, and most of your decisions are, of course, data-driven. But in business in general, your gut instinct is often a good
indicator and very rarely lets you down.”

Emerald Island Casino is located in the historic Water Street District in old Henderson. Just last month the casino celebrated 10 great years at that location. Anyone driving by the casino is awestruck by the art deco architecture and the
beautiful Irish murals covering the building. Step inside and the amazement
continues. Everywhere the artwork by Edwin Leishman can be seen. Locals who
gamble, drink and eat at Emerald Island Casino not only enjoy a great gaming
experience, they enjoy the luck of the Irish.

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