Most Unique Casinos in the World


The business of building casinos is all about being better than the competition. For clientele and travelers, this game produces mega and magnificent establishments that do more than impress. You might be surprised to find that architecture and innovation play a huge role in attracting gamblers to a casino, but they do.

If you are an avid gambler, or even just hitting the scene, you want to experience the best of the best. Read more to learn about some of the most unique casinos in the world, including Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, Nevada’s only penny casino.

The Gambling Behemoth—Venetian Macao 
If you desire to visit a mega casino, you should naturally be drawn to the largest casino in the world. Since the year 2007, the Venetian Macao has worn that crown with pride. Modeled after the Venetian in Las Vegas, Venetian Macao is 39 stories tall and has 10.5 million square feet of space. This is the largest hotel of its kind in all of Asia, and is also the 7th largest building on the planet. The Venetian Macao is not just a big casino—it is a luxury casino where every detail was taken into consideration.
Caesars Windsor—Canada’s Best Casino 
This remarkable casino is the first outside of the United States to be branded with the iconic name Caesars. The aesthetics are innovative, but it is the accommodations that continue to win this Four Diamond hotel and resort awards. It is the definition of elegance and modern luxury, and boosts a 100,000 square foot floor for gambling.
Gambling in Latin America—Casino Trilenium 
Latin America boasts its own fabulous casinos. The Casino Trilenium, located in Argentina, is one of the best. The first thing that one notices about this casino is its unique design. It is a wonder of architecture that features tall reflective panels and arches along the bottom story. The Trilenium is oval in shape, which is not a common trait among the rest of the world’s casino resorts. Inside, you will find a luxurious gambling floor that is full of your favorite games.
A Timeless Escape—Casino Estoril 
During World War II, European high society made their escape to Portugal’s favorite casino, Casino Estoril. While this is not one of the most uniquely designed, nor one of the world’s largest casinos, it is one of the most timeless. Through generations, this luxurious gathering spot has served as a place to be entertained and try your luck at

“Nevada’s Only Penny Casino”—Emerald Island Casino 
Henderson’s local favorite is also Nevada’s only penny casino. Emerald Island Casino boasts a fabulous atmosphere and excellent restaurant, as well as a chance to win big with the change in your pocket. Making their guest service a top priority is a unique trait that has set this casino above the rest. Emerald Island Casino is a place where you can have good fun, great food and an excellent atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more information about Emerald Island Casino in Henderson, visit our casino page or contact one of our family members today!

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