Our Murals are the Cat’s Meow!


(Fun fact: “Cat” in the Irish Language is “Cat”, but is pronounced more like “kaht.”)
The Emerald Island Casino is unique in so many ways… our commitment to outstanding customer service, our Grille which still strives to provide a traditional family run style and comfortable feel to our guests, our status as Nevada’s Only All Penny Casino and our charming,

if not somewhat quixotic, murals!!!!A mural is rather loosely defined as any piece of artwork painted directly onto a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Usually the artist incorporates the architectural elements of the structure into the picture.

Murals are important in that they bring art out into the open and into public places. For artists, their work gets a wide audience who otherwise might not visit an art gallery.

Cave paintings such as the ones found in Southern France which are dated to around 30,000 BC are the first known murals. Other ancient murals include those from ancient Egyptian tombs (around 3150 BC).

Common murals have their start in In Italy, circa 1300, when artists began painting of frescos on wet plaster.
During the Great Depression many artists found employment with the Works Progress Administration painting murals in libraries, Post Offices and other government buildings.

Modern murals became even more well-known with the Mexican muralist  art movement including famous muralists such as Diego Rovera, David Siqueiros and Jose Orozco.

Today, many Municipalities and business commission murals as art for art’s sake to support the artist community and to simply provide a beautiful aesthetic.  At the Emerald Island Casino we are proud to display the art of Edwin Leishman!

The ‘village shops” and Ivy Wall outside the casino and the depictions of the Irish countryside and the bucolic Irish village inside all give a great overall feel to the Emerald Island Casino.  But, have you ever really taken a closer look at the detail and craftsmanship in Me. Leishman’s work?  The details are fun and charming!

Here are a few of our favorite details in the murals.

image3 image4image2

What are your favorite parts of our murals?

Next time you come in to visit the Emerald Island Casino take a look around and enjoy the murals and then enjoy a great time at the Emerald Island Casino – the Jewel of Henderson!

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