Penny Slots vs. Fidget Spinners!

Fidget Spinners-Emerald Island Casino

​Do you remember Hula-hoops?  Giga pets (Tamagotchi)? Slinkys? Well here comes another toy for people with a lot of excess time and energy on their hands! The new ‘it’ toy for people who can’t sit still and are always fidgety is here! Aptly named, the Fidget Spinner is this summer’s
newest fad.  But, are they more fun than playing your favorite penny slots at the Emerald Island Casino – Henderson’s favorite local casino!?!

Basically, the fidget spinner is a bearing surrounded by multiple arms
and a central pad.  The player holds the center pad while the toy spins.
The bearings can be adjusted for the design’s spin time, vibration, and
noise, leading to unique sensory feedback. Similar designs have been
around since 1993, but the spinners have really taken off this summer.
It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing them.  Retailers are
cashing in on their popularity and are marketing them right by the
cashier stands as impulse buys.

Fidget spinners are marketed as being stress relievers much like the old
squishy stress balls only slightly more high tech in a low tech way.
The toy has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with
focusing or tend to fidget (such as those with ADHD, autism or anxiety)
as a release mechanism for nervous energy and stress.

The experts are divided as to whether there is any basis to that claim
and many argue that the toy is distracting and encourages  fidgeting and
compulsive behavior.

Most people have an instant reaction to the fidget spinner. Whether they
fall under its spiny spell or becoming instantly and irrevocably annoyed
by its mere hyper-active existence, people react to them.

Fidgets were thought to be great tools for people who use them to
satisfy the need to be constantly stimulated which, in turn, allows them
to focus. They are meant to be felt, so that visual attention can be
focused on the task at hand. The problem is that the spinner toys are
extremely visually distracting.

In May 2017, there was so much demand for fidget spinners that in China,
some factories that used to make cellphones and phone accessories
switched to making fidget spinners. There is even a fidget spinner app!

Love them or hate them, fidget spinners are part of the landscape, for
now, but will likely be cluttering up ‘junk drawers’ for years to come!

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