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Replacing Holiday Traditions


Ahhh, Christmas Dinner! Just thinking about that big beautiful meal makes me dream of days gone by. Holidays spent with family and friends, enjoying opening presents and laughing at the ugly sweaters from far away Aunts and Uncles.  How different the holidays seem now. Technology has replaced so much of what was fun albeit inconvenient before.

Shopping for example was a huge chore, but left you feeling tired and fulfilled once it was done. Part of the experience of course was being out amongst the crowds, seeing kids lined up to sit with Santa and seeing tired Dads on benches waiting for wives to get that “one last thing.”

Now many people do so much of their shopping online. Is it more convenient? Yes, but not the same for the traditionalists like me.

Wrapping presents? Not a highpoint for many, but some of us do enjoy taking great care to select the right paper, the bow and maybe even a little tinsel too. Our work often goes unnoticed by the excited gift receiver who just tears through all that artistry to see what it inside. That is all made right by the occasional acknowledgment from a friend who takes a moment to say, “Wow that is a pretty package!” Holiday gift wrapping too has lost a little of its old time charm now that it is often relegated to a premade gift bag or a gift card holder to an online store.

And what about cooking dinner? Filling the house with the wonderful smells of traditional holiday meals certainly has it appeal. Consider the careful planning, the grocery shopping (along with the extra trips because of that one must have ingredient you left off the list). Don’t forget setting the table, preparing all of the dishes, along with the cleaning, chopping, whipping, mixing, cutting, slicing, timing, baking, boiling ……wait!!!

Well that is a different matter. After all that online shopping, picking out gift cards, opening presents and visiting with friends, I for one don’t mind giving up a little bit of old fashioned holiday tradition to cut myself a break. I think I would really just want to eat this Christmas instead of doing all of that work! Besides is seems like it is tradition now to replace the old way of doing things with the new way. For me this year, I am going to dine out to enjoy my holiday meal. I am just replacing one holiday tradition with a new one and this one I fully intend to enjoy.

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