Superior Guest Service

Tim Brooks is Recognized from the Henderson Chamber of Commerce – 2014 Noble Award for Dedication to the Henderson Community!

Emerald Island employees believe in superior guest service. Here are some personal reflections from them…

Being able to anticipate the needs of the guest and focus on service duties at all times Talk, Greet, and Develop.
Craig Garland, Director of Operations

Interact with each guest. When a guest makes a request, always seek a way to say yes.
Michael Keaton, Director of Finance

To me Superior Guest Service means: going above and beyond to take care of our guests. Not just one individual but all, listening and catering to their needs on individual basis though. All guests are different but the same when it comes to service. Good customer service that is, and with a smile. When people see smiles they smile.
Ann Demelas, Casino Shift Manager

Superior Guest Service is a lifestyle to which one is committed to serving others.  It begins with the employee – their psyche and attitude to perform at a level beyond what is expected from the status quo.  The strength of the bond between employees and their job duties reflect the level of service satisfaction guests will receive, both individually and the group as a whole.  We strive to exemplify superior service and this is why we have the awesome team of employees at Emerald Island Casino that no other casino can compete with!
Michael Losey, Marketing Specialist

Providing Superior Guest Service and making new friends is our #1 priority! As a team, we each make a personal commitment to hold ourselves to a higher standard every day to give our guests the ultimate experience in guest service.  This means we go above and beyond to accommodate the specific needs for each guest by taking the time to familiarize ourselves with what makes their time at Emerald Island a more enjoyable one.   The staff at Emerald Island greets all our guests with a welcoming smile and hello as they come in the door making them feel right at home! Emerald Island provides the best slots, food and promotions along with our commitment to superior guest service that keeps them coming back again and again.  Our guests know when they are here they are like family! Making new friends is a favorite part of my job! Getting to know each and every guest by name, what they like to play, when they like to eat, and what promotions they like to make their experience the BEST ever! Always having a fun positive attitude, focusing on our guests needs, and providing great entertainment with our promotions makes Emerald Island Casino the BEST place to play!! See you soon!!
Lisa Garland, Casino Host

Superior Guest Service in my mind is making a person who walks through our doors (home in my mind), feel like they are a part of your family and enjoyed their stay afterward and look forward to returning.  Much in the same way when you entertain at home.  If I invite you to my home I don’t ignore you, I welcome you and spend time with you and make sure your needs are sufficiently met and that you are comfortable.

That’s how I view it.  This is my home and my doors are open to and welcoming you.
Tom Streit, Director of Information Technology

I believe superior guest service is making people feel like they are known and not just a face in a crowd.  Also, focus on excellent service and go above and beyond.
Sharon Steffler, Casino Shift Manager

I believe superior guest service begins with getting to know our guests and making them feel like this is their “home” casino.  Then anticipate their needs; if they are smoking with no ashtray, give them one. If they are walking around with money or a ticket in their hand looking around ask if they need change.  Learn what they like to eat or drink.  Everyone has basically the same product; the way guests are treated makes the difference and brings them back in the door!

Beth McKeany, Relief Casino Shift Manager

Superior Guest Service to me is acknowledging the guest by name, greeting them, asking them how they are, and knowing what they might need when they come up to the Rewards Center. Letting the guest feel like they are the most important person, and part of the Emerald Island family.

Sara Hickman, Rewards Center Supervisor

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