The New Synkros Slot System Enables You To Check to See if You Have Qualified for One of Our Daily Promotions Without Leaving Your Seat!!!

​The new Konami Synkros Slot Program is up and running!  Thank you to our valued guests for your patience!  As promised, we are now introducing features of the system to improve your experience here at the Emerald Island Casino.

Now, for your convenience, you can use the system to check whether you have qualified for one of our exciting daily promotions without leaving your seat and walking to the Emerald Island Rewards Center.

All it takes is four easy steps:

1.  Insert your new Emerald Island Casino Players’ Card into your favorite game.

2.  Locate and touch the ‘gear icon’ on the information screen.  (It is the little purple one)

​3.  Locate and touch the ‘ticket icon’ on the information screen.   (The second one from the right)

​4.  Your qualifying promotion(s) will then be displayed on the information screen.

If you have any questions any one of our friendly team members will be happy to demonstrate this function for you!

Stay tuned to learn about other great features of the system that we will bring to you in the coming weeks and thank you for helping to make the Emerald Island Casino the Locals’ Favorite Since 2003!

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