What the Future of Emerald Island Casino Looks Like


If you haven’t been to the Emerald Island Casino recently, you may not know that we are in the midst of another renovation to improve the property and to enhance the comfort, convenience and enjoyment of our guests.  In 2014, we expanded the Emerald Island Grille to double our seating capacity.  In March of 2016, we started Phase One of a series of improvements which includes remodeling the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Once the bathrooms are completed, construction will begin to create a new rewards center, enlarge the gaming floor, add another set of bathrooms, update staff offices and improve the employee dining room.

While we look excitedly to the future of the Emerald Island Casino, we thought it might be fun to look back and see how much the property has changed!

Most guests can remember when there was a fireplace in the Emerald Island Grille.

But can you remember when our building at 120 Market Street was the old Downtown Henderson Post Office!?!


Yep, that’s it, mail trucks and all!

After the USPS built the new Post Office and moved out, 120 Market Street took on new life as a series of casinos.  Prior to its  being purchased in 2001 by co-owners Tim and Michael Brooks, the Jewel of Henderson was simply the Pot O Gold.


The Pot O Gold ultimately closed and building lay fallow for several years.   In May of 2003, after extensive renovations, the building came back to productive life as the Emerald Island Casino.


Astute guests will notice that the building, in this 2003 photo, doesn’t yet have the extension that now houses the video poker room.

Ever wonder why some staff and guests refer to the video poker room as “the patio”?   Well, it is because the then patio was enclosed and extended to make room for video poker and keno machines.

This aerial view from 2003 shows the Emerald Island Casino before the landscaping was even completed!


In May, the Emerald Island Casino will be celebrating it’s 13th anniversary.  One hundred Twenty Water Street has changed over time, but the  Emerald Island Casino’s dedication to superior customer service remains the same and always will!

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