Why Buy From a Farmers Market?

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More farmers market such as the one in Henderson, NV are opening nationwide. This market is where local farmers sell their produce. Their produce comes from their own farms and home gardens where they grow different types of fruits and vegetables.

This type of market is being patronized by people for various reasons. Also it benefits local farmers and their community.

But if you are in doubt and you still ask the question “why buy from a farmers market?” the following reasons just might convince you to do so.
The most basic reason to buy from a farmers market is you are able to get the product while it is fresh. Since the products you will be buying are locally produced they are picked right out of the garden or harvested from farms. They may have been transported from neighboring communities but they do not require to be sprayed with chemicals such as preservatives. This makes the fruit and vegetables you buy healthier and safer to eat.

Another great reason to buying from the local farmers market is that doing so helps your local economy. Since you are directly buying from the local farmers you are helping them profit. When this happens the farmer gets the right amount for his product.  At the same time you also get to buy the product at a better price because there are no charges on top of it as compared to buying stuff with a middleman involved. This helps your local farmers earn good profit which in return also helps the community they live in.

Buying and eating fresh produce every day is healthy. Fresh produce does not only provide you with nutrients and minerals that keep the body properly nourished but it also helps the body stay away from diseases caused by food that has been processed too much. Many illnesses today are being attributed to eating junk food which has been processed and are considered to contain unhealthy ingredients.

What more reason do you need to support the Water Street District farmers market? If you’re still not convinced, doing so also helps reduce pollution. This type of market encourages the selling of locally grown produce so most of the farmers who sell their products usually live within the community. Since this is the case products are not necessarily transported which helps reduce the use of fuel.

Lastly, locally produced fruits and vegetables are tastier. This will help moms convince their kids to eat bananas, apples and even broccoli without having to force them, which means that mealtime becomes less stressful and enjoyable for both parents and kids – and healthier as well. Also there is nothing better and more satisfying than getting the full flavor of fresh vegetables and fruit

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